New Year card 2017 (2)

New design concept

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Project sketches. Industriesalon. (Berlin Oberschöneweide 18.02.2017)
Photos © Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

Potsdam Light Spectacle 2017

updated on 08.11.2017 - 9:50`CET

Design of one of the 7 motifs for the Potsdam light spectacle from the 3.-5.11.2017 - 17-23:00 "Potsdam Museum on the Old Market Square"
© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

Survey photo and the 7 motives for the projection.
Lichtdesign © Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

Moonlight atmosphere at the Old Market Square with illuminated Potsdam Museum. (Potsdam 03.11.2017)
Foto © Christian Wenglorz

Beginning projection with evening residual light:
Motif "Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm
Foto und Lichtdesign © Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

Press conference

Barberini Museum

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Multimillionaire, donors and patrons Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Hasso Plattner / Press conference on "Barberini opening". (Potsdam 19.01.2017)
Photo / Collage © Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

Palast-Talk 3

("La Diva Lounge" at the Friedrichstadt-Palace Berlin / 01.02.2017)
Photos © Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

Christoph Hoffmann, Moderator RTL II News & Head of Department Germany
Dr. Berndt Schmidt, Intendant Friedrichstadt-Palace
Lea Rosh, Journalist, author and publicist
Margot Friedlander, Tyne & Survivors of the Holocaust
André Schmitz, Chairman of the Board of the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa
(from left)
discussed how to deal with undifferentiated hatred, the choice of words and means, the reproach of the lie press, and the ability of the individual to oppose the enemies of freedom and democracy.