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"The artist Jo Berghammer creates a new design: MOSAPAINT
a synthesis of picture collection, collage and painterly transparency. A kind

mosaic painting

Ideal to create an event, the biography of a person
or the history of a company in one picture."

(www.facegarden.de 2006)

The little big difference.


© Robert Silbers / Book title © 1997 by the German edition by Wilhelm Heyne Verlag GmbH & Co.KG Munich (with kind permission of "Art & Design Norbert Härtl, München" - 24.10.2016)



© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

"Certainly it is always fascinating to experience,
Like a perceived overall picture
On closer inspection, turns out to be the sum of individual images.

But when looking at the individual images, the human eye exhausts very quickly,
Because it is constantly the edges of a chessboard pattern
Of at least 2,500 individual images.
Often, it does not matter whether the single image fits into the entirety of the theme -
Main feature it fits formally (color or brightness).

Thus, the classic photomosaics quickly get stuck in the superficial aha effect.

The MOSAPAINT® (mosaic painting) I developed is based on the Fotomosaik.

In addition to the "effect", the conceptual approach,
To truly perceive the individual images and to capture them as "important components" of the whole.

For example, a MOSAPAINT® comes. With only 30 individual images.
Nevertheless, the overall picture remains recognizable (Porsche license motif, see appendix).

This is achieved by the "picturesque fusion" of the individual images
From different sources such as (photo, film or graphics)

At this point, computer algorithms are replaced by human intuition and craftsmanship.

A virtuoso variable transparency of the picture elements leads to several viewing scenes
While the Fotomosaik is limited to two levels.

The "Timeline"
Justifies the current and future pragmatic dominance of MOSAPAINT®.
The individual image elements can thus be aligned with a time beam.

This is the only way to show a story in pictures.
A MOSAPAINT® creates what is actually only a film is able to perform. "

(Jo Berghammer 2011)

The "Mosapainter"

Early pencil drawings (1971) © Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

The painterly touch of his MOSAPAINT® technology is realized by Jo Berghammer with the help of a digital pen and a DIN A3 WACOM tablet.
Here is a product of youthful love for the pencil and the Beatles from the year 1971.
Well ... not a masterpiece - but in connection with his HIGHRES-photography an essential artisan prerequisite of today's collages.

Flyer "MOSAPAINT®-Highend" Exhibition


Individual exhibitions:

2005 "MOSAPAINT® First Step." Egyptian Embassy Berlin
2006 "MOSAPAINT® Your World. One Picture." Porsche Center Berlin
2015 "MOSAPAINT® High End." Triangle HiFi-Studio Berlin

Group exhibitions:

2008 "The great seven"WhiteSquare Gallery Las Vegas
2009-2010 E&D Multimedia stilwerk Berlin
2010 SieMatic SieMatic Leipziger Platz Berlin
2011 Lundt Automobile Meilenwerk Berlin
2011 first glas stilwerk Berlin
Dauerausstellung wechselnder Motive Albert-Baake Galerien Potsdam

Exhibition poster "MOSAPAINT®-Highend" (2015)

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